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The Herald Newspaper: Global Game Changers - Circular Economy Award Lux Review: Commendation - Circular Economy

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Our lighting means your efficiency doesnt stagnate. Be at the cutting edge of design; with haitz law.

Building the Circular Economy

Lighting is changing. Lighting as a Service provides customers with new models that reduce waste.

EGG lighting provides an exclusive series of modular products for easy upgrade and maintenance. These can be accessed through our pioneering 'Lighting as a Service' (LaaS) offering. To find out how it works see our article on the circular economy, or check out the Zero Waste Scotland profile on EGG lighting. You can also attend one of our speaking events, or call us on 0141 416 2624.

Lighting for: Warehouse, Industrial, Logistics

Lighting for industrial settings has additional considerations. In racking aisles lighting needs to have a narrow beam to reach the floor without wastage, and dust proofing for logistics units. Also, looking upwards when working on forklifts requires optimum visual conditions.

In addition, warehouses are occupied for short periods of time, therefore it is important to focus on energy saving. With motion sensors the lights only switch on if people move in the detected area.

Lighting for: Offices, Education, Retail

Offices need to have more sympathetic luminaire specification and design. The light quality not only increases employee satisfaction and productivity, but boosts positive atmosphere and promotes ergonomic standards. Additionally, in education a well lit classroom stimulates the brain and promotes alertness while providing a pleasant learning environment.

Outdoor Lighting: Car parks, Sports Grounds, Street Lighting

Step outside safely on illuminated pathways with outdoor street lighting. Well lit spaces promote safe environments for the public, while creating a pleasant atmosphere in the evenings.

Are you considering a lighting project, but don't know what's invoved?  Check out our Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Lighting Project to find the information you need.

Lighting for: Emergency

In an event of an emergency illuminate the exit path with the right emergency lighting, either maintained or non-maintained. A full range of both emergency types is available on our website. If you are unsure which one is the most suitable for your needs, please feel free to contact one of our teams.

Oil & Gas: ATEX rated luminaires

Lighting for chemical, offshore drilling, steel, and petroleum industries. ATEX is an atmosphere exposed to gases and dust which can be explosive. ATEX rated luminaires are placed in these areas, as a result of their material and manufacturing, they are designed to withstand specific conditions.

Lighting for: Amenity, Accent

Ambient lighting promotes a relaxing and warm atmosphere with a comfortable level of brightness. Therefore, ambient lighting is often referred to as mood lighting which is typically manufactured with dimmable LED lights to comply with day and nighttime settings.

Accent lighting highlights a particular object or area. Hence, accent lighting draws attention to an artwork or architectural shapes.

Thinking about upgrading but don't have the capital to invest? You may be able to access grant funding or a 0% loan. See our Funding and Finance  guide for more info.