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EGG Lighting's high performance LED Lighting with emergency backup creates savings of up to 80%. LED and smart sensor technology is a powerful duo - not only the LEDs consume less energy but also combined with sensors that respond to the environment they use only a fraction of electricity. This considerably cuts your energy bills and reduces carbon footprint! Have a look at the full specification of our LED lights in the EGG Lighting catalogue.

Although our company is based in Glasgow, we are always interested in working with clients throughout Scotland. EGG Lighting is proud to offer complete turnkey solutions at highly competitive prices with great quality assurance. 

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Energy saving tips and advice, and all you need to know about energy saving LED lighting technology.

8 Simple Ways Your Business Can Save Energy

The Confederation of British Industry estimates that businesses in the UK waste on average 10-20% of the energy they buy. Here are some simple ways that your company can reduce its energy costs and boost its green credentials.  1)    Unplug all chargers Most chargers still use a small amount of energy, even when they’re not plugged […]

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10 Top Tips to Cut Your Energy Costs

With the Big Six energy companies increasing your bills over the last few months, now is the perfect time to take control and begin saving energy yourself. Here are some great tips to help cut your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. 1) Switch to a cheaper tariff – this can take up to eight […]

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