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EGG Lighting's high performance LED Lighting with emergency backup creates savings of up to 80%. LED and smart sensor technology is a powerful duo - not only the LEDs consume less energy but also combined with sensors that respond to the environment they use only a fraction of electricity. This considerably cuts your energy bills and reduces carbon footprint! Have a look at the full specification of our LED lights in the EGG Lighting catalogue.

Although our company is based in Glasgow, we are always interested in working with clients throughout Scotland. EGG Lighting is proud to offer complete turnkey solutions at highly competitive prices with great quality assurance. 

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Energy saving tips and advice, and all you need to know about energy saving LED lighting technology.

ESOS: What Does it Mean for You?

  What is ESOS? You might have heard of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) but aren’t 100% sure of what it is and how it might affect you. The UK Environment Agency requires organisations, particularly large undertakings, to review their energy usage across all buildings, processes and transportations. This evaluation is to ensure that […]

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LED Lighting and Sensor Technology = the Mighty Duo

LED lighting saves you up to 50% on energy costs compared to fluorescent lighting – great! But what about 90% savings? LED technology has opened the route to increasingly efficient lighting. Every year the LED chips get more and more efficient with CREE being at the forefront of these developments (we also use Cree LED […]

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Guest Blog: 5 Energy Saving Myths That Are Costing You More Money

The article is originally published at Energy-Egg. Today, everybody is finding ways to use energy more efficiently around the house and offices to cut down on utility bills. We adopt certain habits like switching off the lights and other electric appliances when leaving the room, closing the refrigerator door after taking out food, etc. There […]

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Energy Efficiency: the Fifth Fuel

“Less is more” is not only true for the arts and fashion industry but also for the energy industry. In a world of growing energy demands, it has become vital that we restrain the growth in energy consumption if we wish to achieve a low carbon future. Energy efficiency has been labelled the ‘fifth fuel’ […]

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