Measurement and Verification Services

Egg Lighting is proud to announce that we now offer measurement and verification services. This is part of our ongoing commitment to delivering the best quality projects and lighting systems to our clients. We can give you the hardware and software tools to investigate the consumption and costs of your electricity, solar PV, wind and hydro!

Get in touch with us now to find out more about how this service can benefit your business. 

  • Where is your energy spent? - We can show you every source of power leading in to your environment on a minute-by-minute cost basis. This includes water and solar energy!
  • What utilities are using the most? - Energy consumption can be measured on a whole building level right down to individual sockets and devices
  • What products are costing you money? - Know exactly how much the lights, heating, electronics and machinery costs your business. Know what to reduce and save money on
  • What can you do with this knowledge? - Have the power to minimise your energy bills in the most effective way
  • How can you see this information? - The software we supply is a visually informative and easy to use dashboard that can be checked from your desktop computer to your smartphone or tablet. Your whole team can see the energy consumption at  glance!


Use this information to make decisions about your office fan to your industrial oven, and everything in between. Why not even check it against a utility ROI quote?

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