LED Lighting and Sensor Technology = the Mighty Duo

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LED lighting saves you up to 50% on energy costs compared to fluorescent lighting – great! But what about 90% savings?

LED technology has opened the route to increasingly efficient lighting. Every year the LED chips get more and more efficient with CREE being at the forefront of these developments (we also use Cree LED chips in our luminaires). However, even more savings can be created once LED luminaires are coupled with sensor technology. 

Why Control Lighting?

There are various different types of control – for example, absence, presence and daylight sensors, each of which perform best in different circumstances. The lighting becomes intelligent and is able to adjust to external factors – they can dim when no one is around and automatically switch off when there is enough natural light.  Different parameters and configurations can be set depending on your own requirements. The key point is that, no matter which control type you adopt, you are guaranteed to add extra energy savings!

Customers are used to and often criticise the slow reaction and warm up time of fluorescent fixtures and are uneasy when they imagine having to walk through a dark corridor with the lights flickering and only slowly emitting any light. Another benefit of LED lighting is that it gives instant light output and reaches its maximum performance. Additionally, it doesn’t matter how many times the light is switched on and off there is no deterioration of the luminaires lifetime hours.

Intelligent lighting uses only a fraction of energy and removes the worry of lighting management and maintenance. LED luminaires and sensors create the optimum lighting performance for maximum savings of up to 90%, and with the long lifetime hours it is years and years of savings! It is the ultimate fit and forget solution.

One of our most popular sensor enabled LED luminaires is our Round LED Bulkhead. It is a fitting that is very popular with social landlords, hotels, office buildings and care homes. These are frequently used in corridors and toilets where the people traffic might not be as busy therefore giving the intelligent sensor enabled LED lighting a chance to really show off its capabilities.


Round LED Bulkhead

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