Why LED’s are Key to the Industrial Internet of Things (iot)

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“As our world becomes more complex we need more integrated systems” – Brian O’Reilly, Director at EGG Lighting

Infrastructure that doesn’t depreciate is good for businesses and good for the planet.

Have you ever bought a new phone, only to find the newest version announced a week later? It can be difficult to decide the best time to upgrade, when you know that a technology is always improving. But now facilities managers have one less decision to worry about. Because this year’s winner of the Glasgow Business Awards, EGG Lighting in the ‘Innovation in Business’ category, is set to provide upgradeable LED lighting to businesses throughout Scotland.

When LED’s started to replace traditional incandescent bulbs, industrial energy bills plummeted. However, due to the longevity of LED’s, they do not typically come with replaceable lightbulbs. This means that a company may lock themselves into 10 to 20 years without being able to benefit from another upgrade.

What does an IoT SMART solution to saving energy actually involve?

The Managing Director at EGG Lighting, Brian O’Reilly, explains that this does not need to be the case. Much like its better-known cousin ‘Moore’s Law’ from the IT field, a model called ‘Haitz’s Law’ projects the rapid increase in LED efficiency over time. The ‘Innovation in Business’ winner has designed in a route for repair for industrial lighting; and their accompanying business model has been independently verified by the Wood Group. The evidence is that EGG’s upgrades will pay for themselves with energy savings generated, as predicted by Haitz’s Law. In addition to the savings benefits, this model helps to reduce both energy and material waste in the LED industry. And integrated IoT technology will inform the optimum upgrade schedule.

Now, a new wave of savings is on the horizon. With the advent of digital integration over the ­­facility, EGG Lighting unveiled their Internet of Things (IoT) enabled lighting in their GBA’19 application. O’Reilly explains his company is providing a platform of complimenting offerings; product, service, digital IoT platform, and business model. O’Reilly muses, “As our world becomes more complex we need more integrated systems”. In other words, it’s this sort of co-operation and cross disciplinary insight which is key to making Glasgow businesses flourish in the years to come.

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This article was first published in the ‘Glasgow Business Magazine’, Winter Edition, following the Glasgow Business Awards 2019.

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