LaaS is the New Non-Domestic Lighting Technology

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What is lighting as a service?

Lighting as a service (Laas) is a more formal way of describing a lighting lease.  Technology giant Phillips have coined this development ‘pay-per-lux’. A good example of when this would work best would be when rented space needs new lighting and can’t add permanent solutions. The lighting as a service process is instantly cost-effective as there is no need for upfront payment costs for either the installation or products. This does mean that the lighting is still owned by the company providing it but the customer only has to think about a monthly payment, the lease. This is a great option for starter companies and registered charities that just need light and not expensive bills! Lighting is fast becoming a service akin to water supply and fuel.

What are the benefits of lighting as a service?

With lighting as a service, there is a continuous customer support interaction between the subscriber and the provider. While quality LED lighting is known for its low to no maintenance, if there was a problem, the technology alerts the lighting company for immediate attention. It requires very little interaction from the subscriber, freeing up more of their time to focus on the things that really matter in the workplace. The lighting can also be reconditioned by the supplier as technology develops over time by using a modular system.

LAAS uses LED technology, creating instant cost saving of around 70-80% meaning that the money you would spend up front for traditional lighting products and installation can be redistributed to pay the monthly lease while gaining continuous monitoring and servicing. From the simple candle, to florescent, to LED; lighting has evolved yet again this time with a focus on user experience and needs. Modular fittings, smart sensor technology, remote control configuration, maintenance chips and precision light levels are now a possibility.

We are currently developing the above as a complete package subscription service, enabling you to have the most current, time-saving and cost-efficient low emission LED lighting. The best quality products, service and project management as always will be provided but with extended customer support and product maintenance. For a smarter way to get your lighting, look out for our service rolling out just in time for Christmas!