ESOS: What Does it Mean for You?

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What is ESOS?

You might have heard of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) but aren’t 100% sure of what it is and how it might affect you. The UK Environment Agency requires organisations, particularly large undertakings, to review their energy usage across all buildings, processes and transportations. This evaluation is to ensure that the best possible efforts are being made to increase the amount of energy used from renewable resources and to reduce those from non-renewable. In line with the European Union’s energy objectives, the ESOS scheme will help drive the EU targets of energy consumption from renewable sources. Electricity is often not renewable and so it makes sense to limit the UK’s consumption of non-renewable forms of energy. The EU Energy Bill expects us to reach our UK target of 15% before the year 2020. There are ways that we can change the dynamics of energy consumption, creating a healthier and more sustainable environment. The matter at hand is a serious strategy for the EU, with potential fines and civil sanctions to those who don’t comply.

Do you qualify for ESOS?

With the threat of penalties, it is worth checking that your organisation has completed an ESOS assessment. Businesses are mostly affected and so are some non-profit and non-public sector organisations. The qualification criteria rely on the employee or financial capacity of an organisation. More than 250 employees or an annual turnover in excess of around £38,000 will see you falling into the mandatory ESOS assessment but it is up to you to organise this. More information on the assessment process and notifying the Environment Agency can be found on the Gov.UK website.

The importance of energy saving

There are two major interests for saving energy and these are the reduction of fossil fuel consumption and environmental protection. While fossil fuels are expensive to process and are irreplaceable, some energy systems still depend on these. By moving away from aggressive consumption as much as possible, we are allowing more time on solution development for a future after their total depletion. Using fossil fuels creates masses of pollution which is damaging to both our health and the environment’s. We are all aware of the worsening pollution levels of large cities such as Hong Kong but the problem is now hitting home within the UK. ‘Grey Fever’ has swept the country this summer, aggravating asthma attacks and worsening hay fever symptoms. The toxic smog inducing Grey Fever is expected to affect up to 45% of Britons by 2030 if the current energy consumption climate remains. Going through the ESOS assessment brings the great opportunity of reducing not only consumption but also costly bills.

How can I reduce my energy consumption following an ESOS assessment?

At EGG Lighting we advocate our energy systems that rely on LED and innovative smart technology. There are many benefits to changing your lighting systems to LED. With LED lighting you are installing lights that have the likely potential to last for over 10 years (at 50% usage) without new bulbs. Up to 70% of energy is saved with EGG Lighting’s products and smart installations; energy is not lost in the heat emission of traditional lighting or in the failure to control settings. Light dispersement, strength of the product and bespoke design flexibility are all attributes to expect from EGG Lighting. To be sure that your organisation will save money with us, we can prepare a return of investment calculation for you to plainly see the differences in costs and benefits of using us after your ESOS assessment – just get in touch!