About Us

Who we are


EGG lighting are a technology company based in Scotland that specialises in identifying, developing and installing energy saving solutions for businesses.

What we do

We specialise in project management for LED lighting and sensor control projects to the public and private sector. But we do much more than just supply lights, our services include;

  • Project management
  • LED lighting
  • Occupancy & Daylight Sensor Controls
  • Secure home entry
  • Electric vehicle charging sectors
  • In-house Research & Development
What sets us apart

Simply put? Energy and material efficiency made easy, personal, and affordable.

When a facilities manager is looking to upgrade their property portfolio traditionally they have one of two options:

1. D.I.Y.: Choose the lighting, purchase it, and hire electricians to do a point-to-point replacement. This option is preferred when the FM does not require an ROI, the premises is not changing functions, and they know the lighting levels meet the current CIBSE standards for LUX levels and uniformity. This is the cheapest route - but has the least flexibility and the solution is less efficient than it could be.

2. Architects: The FM may choose to commission a professional lighting design from an architectural firm. This will guarantee the buildings light levels are fit for it's purposes, and then the FM will purchase the recommended lights, and hire electricians to install them following the design. Clearly, this is an expensive route but it will provide high standards and tailored designs for customers.

EGG lighting presents a third option.

3. EGG lighting: We provide professional designs at affordable prices. It’s unusual for a lighting company to offer start to finish service, and we do this because we know our customers find it tedious to contract multiple parties to carry out an industrial scale energy savings project.

We identify each customers areas of maximum savings ratio to least capital expenditure; and then provide everything they need to complete it, from: Site Survey  >  Grant Application Support  >  Digital Lighting Designs  >  Return on Investment Documentation >  Supply  > Install  >  Aftercare

Company Culture

Alongside our general business activities we have an onsite Research and Development department. That's because at EGG lighting we strongly believe that business thrives on innovation, and that the commercial sector leads the way in changing global resource consumption.

Developing innovative products that help businesses become more energy and material efficient key; it's the practical solution for us to reach our vision of delopying energy saving solutions that help businesses save money and drive environmental progress globally.


Our parent company TreeGreen Ltd was registred in 2007 by the company director Brian O'Reilly, which specialised in developing sensor technology. Having identified a strong opportunity between sensors and the lighting sector, we began trading under the name EGG lighting in 2013.


This year we have been the proud winners of the Global Game Changers 2018 Award, in the category 'Circular Breakthrough' sponsored by Circular Glasgow. The award was hosted by The Herald newspaper in partnership with Innovators Magazine to celebrate innovations, practices and initiatives that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Lux Awards has established itself as the most highly regarded awards scheme in the business. The Lux Awards are designed to celebrate and reward both creativity and sustainability, recognising companies have used lighting in exceptional ways to improve their lit environment and reduce energy. At the Lux Awards 2018 EGG lighitng were presented a commendation for our developments in bringing the circular economy to customers, with our upgradable luminaire 'The Stroma'.

Update Nov 2018: We're pleased to announce EGG lighting as the winner of the Glasgow Guarantee Business of the Year Award 2018 (in association with Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government) - celebrating our companies continued investment in our local community, and our support of young people and graduates in the workplace.


We are active in the local community and often participate in events that contribute towards understanding of energy and material efficiency. Any press enquiries can be directed towards [email protected].

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