Lighting that takes care of itself.

With LED and Sensor technology your commercial property can become 80% more energy efficient overnight. And now, with EGG’s award winning LED solution, you can stay that way.

Optimised Performance

Many people think that since they upgraded to LED in the past that they’re energy efficient. But LED technology is always improving, and EGG keeps you at the peak of those savings.

Guaranteed Savings

We developed an advanced projection model so that we can guarantee our customers savings at every 5 year period. Or you get the difference back.

Zero Upfront Investment

Have you ever considered that you shouldn't have to buy lights, simply for the provision of light itself? Compare models to see what's right for you.

All of the services you need

A modern facilities lighting project requires much more than changing light-bulbs. We're with you at every step.

and something new.

The next generation of LED lighting is forming the backbone of IoT and SMART buildings, and industry leaders are on-board.

Meet the Team Leaders

A group of engineers, project managers, designers, pragmatists and idealists.
Give us a call on 0141 416 2624 and speak to one of our team, tell us where you are in your energy savings project and we'll guide you through the rest.
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly


BSc. Instrumentation with Applied Physics / MSc. Communications Technology & Policy

"Dreams don’t work until you do."

Matthew Bonner

Matthew Bonner

Chief Operations Manager

M.A. Political Economy

"Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves."

Jennifer Griffith

Jennifer Griffith

Product Design & Marketing Lead

BSc. Product Design & Innovation

"Good marketing never goes unnoticed, good design always should."

Kostas Englezopoulos

Kostas Englezopoulos

Lighting Design Engineer

BSc. Electronics Engineering
MSc. Sensor and Imaging Systems

"A well lit room will be well lived in."

Nicola Mitrione

Nicola Mitrione

Research & Development
Lee Hilton

Lee Hilton

Head of Electrical Installation

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