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EGG Lighting's high performance LED Lighting with emergency backup creates savings of up to 80%. LED and smart sensor technology is a powerful duo - not only the LEDs consume less energy but also combined with sensors that respond to the environment they use only a fraction of electricity. This considerably cuts your energy bills and reduces carbon footprint! Have a look at the full specification of our LED lights in the EGG Lighting catalogue.

Although our company is based in Glasgow, we are always interested in working with clients throughout Scotland. EGG Lighting is proud to offer complete turnkey solutions at highly competitive prices with great quality assurance. 

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Energy saving tips and advice, and all you need to know about energy saving LED lighting technology.

Marathon Complete!

    We are very proud of our Managing Director Brian O’Reilly for completing the Stirling Scottish Marathon on 21st May 2017.  Brian managed to run the 26.2 miles in 4hrs and 7mins, which is is very good for a first marathon. He beat his goal time by 8 minutes and didn’t stop even once! A comment on his achievement, […]

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A Focus on Warehouse Lighting

Why Spend Time on Warehouse Lighting?Here at EGG Lighting we have been focusing our campaigns recently on warehouse lighting in particular. This is because we believe it is the perfect example of how an environment can achieve the maximum money and energy savings from installing our LEDs. Warehouses are the hubs of hard work, with […]

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ESOS Assessment Phase 2

It’s time to turn your attention to the ESOS Phase 2 deadline, giving yourself plenty of time to become compliant and avoid hefty fines.Phase 2The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) will continue creating phased deadlines for the next four years. Phase 2 has begun now, meaning all eligible organisations must work to become energy compliant […]

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